Open curtains for the future.

When you choose to support Hutchinson's Historic Fox Theatre, you preserve history, art, culture, and entertainment for generations to come.

When you choose to support the Historic Fox Theatre, you preserve: history art, culture, and entertainment for generations to come.

You hold the key to preserving this magnificent venue for generations to come. Below are several ways you can help support the FOX.
One time and Recurring Donations
Make a one-time or monthly recurring donation to Hutchinson's Historic Fox Theatre. Any amount is appreciated and will support the operation and upkeep of this treasured venue. The Fox staff works diligently to keep operations efficient and costs low, but the expenses are many for this 1931 landmark and continue to rise. While ticket sales income supports the artists, movies, and events the theatre presents, it does not fulfill the funding needs of the day-to-day operation and maintenance of Hutchinson’s Historic Fox Theatre. As expenses continue to grow, these funds are more important than ever and ensure the curtain continues to rise for future generations just as it has for over 92 years. 
Donate Now
The Mark Richardson Building Preservation Fund is essential to the continued upkeep and survival of Hutchinson's Historic Fox Theatre, a national treasure. Mark Richardson was a dedicated advocate for the Fox Theatre, contributing his time and expertise to maintain and improve the theatre's intricate systems. His commitment to preservation ensured the theatre remained a vibrant part of the community, both now and for future generations. Despite his passing in 2018, Mark's legacy lives on through this fund, named in his honor, to assist with ongoing theatre maintenance costs. Further bolstered by a generous matching grant from Mark's wife, Susan Richardson, every donation to the fund is a commitment to preserve the Fox Theatre's unique history and architectural beauty. Contributions to the Mark Richardson Building Preservation Fund provide crucial support for the preservation of this 89-year-old historic masterpiece, ensuring it continues to awe and inspire audiences for years to come.
Your contribution plays a pivotal role in preserving and maintaining this nationally recognized historic venue. We offer a range of membership levels, each offering unique benefits and tax deductions. Your membership goes beyond just access to fantastic performances, it directly fuels the daily operations and long-term health of the FOX theatre. Whether you opt for a regular membership or choose our PLUS option for greater tax benefits and direct operational support, your generosity will keep the spirit of this 1931 landmark alive. Explore the various membership options below and join our thriving community today. Thank you for your support!
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