Deana Carter's Country Christmas

December 14, 2023 7:30 PM

Celebrate the holiday season at the FOX with Deana Carter’s all-new show: Deana Carter’s Country Christmas. Drenched in sun-kissed natural beauty both inside and out, Nashville native, Deana Carter, didn’t take a seemingly easy route to stardom, but instead chose to defy the conventional expectations of the typical Nashville artist blueprint and make her own mark. And she did, undeniably taking the industry and fans by storm with her wildly successful multi-platinum international debut “Did I Shave My Legs For This?” more than two decades ago. Anchored by the dreamy super hit ” Strawberry Wine”, Carter showcased her own blend of country and retro-rock sprinkled with the folksy singer/songwriter qualities that have garnered Deana Carter well-deserved respect and wild acclaim.

Singer, songwriter, andproducer – Deana Carter continues to defy cnventional expectations,

making waves as she makes great music, tours, & movies.


$45, $50, $55