For everyone's enjoyment, please observe the following when visiting the theatre:

  1. No photographic or video recording devices at any Fox event or film. Recording of any kind is in violation of copyright laws. You will be asked to leave the theatre and no ticket refund will be issued.
  2. Please turn off all cell phones, pagers, or any other electronic devices. Use of these devices (including texting) of any kind will not be tolerated during an event or film.
  3. Please do not ask us to babysit your child. Every body needs a ticket regardless of age. Also, please use discretion regarding a child's ability to sit and enjoy a performance.
  4. While enjoying a Fox event keep disturbances to a minimum:
    -Arrive on time. Then you won't have to "crawl" over others to get to your seat.
    -Unwrap all candies or cough drops before curtain time.
    -Don't jangle the bangles.
    -Stay seated during an event unless it is absolutely necessary to leave.
    -Go easy with perfume and cologne. People are allergic to that stuff.
  5. NO outside food or drink is to be brought into the theatre. This goes for films as well as live performances.
  6. The Fox is not responsible for lost or stolen items.